Ever Illuminating Latin Music


The music originating from the Spanish and Portuguese speaking regions of the world is considered as the new modern genre. The music speaks of the rich cultural and vocal distinctions of its origin that is concentrated at Iberian America and the Iberian Peninsula. Most of the inspiration for this music comes from the African beats that are developed in the Caribbean. The most fundamental form of this music is called clave. The development of music streams like Jazz, Mambo, Bossa Nova and Latin Jazz defined the development of Latin music genre reggaeton and urban music.


With the encounter of Spanish, Portuguese and African cultures renovated the way music is perceived. This evolution of the music taste started to be nurtured by the foreign sounds, regional tradition, classical division, and national identities. The historical study of this particular form of music is indeed complex as it concerns the history of Latin American taste and the mixed regional sound was then finally produced.

The main attributes of the music form are:

  • Consists of four elements; music style, geography, cultural artist and the language.
  • Raising a sense of pride in the Latinos on the aspect of their heritage.
  • Works with rhythm more than harmony.
  • The spectrum display in its syncretic nature.
  • Instruments used in this kind of music involves; Pandeiro, Güiro, Timbale, Maracas, Clave etc.
  • Globally claimed to be producing danceable beats.
  • Got the surge of popularity starting from the 1920s, 30s and so on.
  • The new generation accepts the form most enthusiastically.
  • Appreciated and widespread acknowledgment achieved with the new inspired genre, the Latin Pop.