Widow’s Peak Lyrics By Iq

Artist/Band Name: Iq Album Name: The Wake Genre: Rock Lyrics To Widow’s Peak Iq The Wake Widow’s Peak Garden over me, the secret I love most, God and Man agree to giving up the ghost, High above the moon, the sun has left the sky, I would love to know if you’re the reason why. … Read more

What a Waste Lyrics By Ian Dury

Artist/Band Name: Ian Dury Album Name: Greatest Genre: Lyrics To What a Waste I could be the driver in an articulated lorry I could be a poet, I wouldn’t need to worry I could be the teacher in a classroom full of scholars I could be the sergeant in a squadron full of wallahs What … Read more

Wild, Wild Party in the Loquat Tree Lyrics By Indigo Girls

Artist/Band Name: Indigo Girls Album Name: Genre: Lyrics To Wild, Wild Party in the Loquat Tree out in the back by the grape stake fence is a place where nature makes so much sense all the creatures livin’ in harmony it’s a wild wild party in the loquat tree fuzzies and furries run walk or … Read more

Waterborne Lyrics By In Hearts Wake

Artist/Band Name: In Hearts Wake Album Name: Ark Genre: Lyrics To Waterborne Crawling under a jealous sun I fear the ghost you could become So I called upon the clouds Raindrops fell as I hit the ground Higher than the vultures fly Deeper than the blue in the desert sky The oasis in the sands … Read more

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Taking the Town (extended) Lyrics By Icehouse

Artist/Band Name: Icehouse Album Name: Sidewalk Genre: Rock Lyrics To Taking the Town (extended) Hah They say there’s only one tonight Oh yeah we’re gonna make some changes, mmm-hmmm Those boys are gonna shake their spades tonight Raise the doubt yeah, re-arranger… re-arranger… So if U think it’s safe, yea you think it’s fine, well … Read more

Wait and See (Album Version) Lyrics By Iration

Artist/Band Name: Iration Album Name: Time Bomb Genre: Ska Lyrics To Wait and See (Album Version) I know we’ve always been a long Shot, I’m down to roll those dice, I’ll travel down that long hard Road girl, Just to make you know That I tried We might not make it In the end but, … Read more

Yellow Teeth Lyrics By Is Tropical

Artist/Band Name: Is Tropical Album Name: Genre: Lyrics To Yellow Teeth morning light, is not our problem to get undressed, we’ve not yet forgotten oh and this song wont solve anything and it never will do and that’s not our problem daily news, is not our anthem the yorkshire dales, yes we’ve roamed them we … Read more

Zigeunerskat Lyrics By In Extremo

Artist/Band Name: In Extremo Album Name: Genre: Lyrics To Zigeunerskat Überall da spielt man Skat Wer gibt muss auch mischen Das Herz gelenzt Verstand begrenzt Vom geilen Blatt besessen Pik Bube der Lude Sticht die Herzensdame Wer bedient den Eichelbauer Wer sahnt ab die Sahne Ein Ass im Ärmel König Schellen Ihr wisst die so … Read more

The Trooper – 1998 Remastered Version Lyrics By Iron Maiden

Artist/Band Name: Iron Maiden Album Name: Ed Hunter Genre: Lyrics To The Trooper – 1998 Remastered Version You’ll take my life but I’ll take yours too You’ll fire your musket but I’ll run you through So when you’re waiting for the next attack You’d better stand there’s no turning back The bugle sounds as the … Read more

St”rtebeker Lyrics By In Extremo

Artist/Band Name: In Extremo Album Name: Genre: Lyrics To St”rtebeker Störtebeker ist sein Name Und wir sind seine Brüder Den Totenkopf auf unserer Fahne Singen lauthals Räuberlieder Am Sonntag vorm Altar zu lügen War noch niemals unser Ding Von Helgoland selbst bis auf Rügen Weiß ein jeder wer wir sind Gottes Freund und aller Welten … Read more