You’re It Lyrics By Gabe Bondoc

Artist/Band Name: Gabe Bondoc Album Name: Twelve Genre: Lyrics To You’re It We can build a fort out of pillows in our living room Play tag in the kitchen like we used to do I can hide, you seek come find me. We can take our bikes to the park you know the one downtown? … Read more

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Yesterday’s Headlines Lyrics By Good Riddance

Artist/Band Name: Good Riddance Album Name: Genre: Lyrics To Yesterday’s Headlines Running short on imagination Its cause we wasted all our words Spoken without the benefit of our minds The kettle burns, the edges framed Our best detentions waste away And everybody loves the things we’ve done and on, and on, and on Loving is … Read more

When My Heart Hurts No More Lyrics By George Jones

Artist/Band Name: George Jones Album Name: Miscellaneous Genre: Country Lyrics To When My Heart Hurts No More When my heart hurts no more and the flame’s just an ember Love that I begged you for I won’t even remember I’ll be no weeping willow when I’ve learned the score No more tears on my pillow … Read more

Who Shares Wins Lyrics By Good Clean Fun

Artist/Band Name: Good Clean Fun Album Name: Genre: Lyrics To Who Shares Wins As kids we’re told to always play fair Smile at your neighbor And share, share, share In later years we’re taught To try and be the best “Look out for yourself, and fuck all the rest” Well, I would say in many … Read more

whiskey in the jar Lyrics By Grateful Dead

Artist/Band Name: Grateful Dead Album Name: Miscellaneous Genre: Rock Lyrics To whiskey in the jar Grateful Dead Miscellaneous whiskey in the jar As i was a’goin over kilgerrie mountain I met the kernal pepper and his money he was countin’. I fired off my pistol and a i rattled my sabre and I ran o’my … Read more

Whiteout Lyrics By Gun Barrel

Artist/Band Name: Gun Barrel Album Name: Genre: Lyrics To Whiteout White witch at the riverbend Beacon in the snow Point me to the sacred land Bring me eyesight of the crow I’ve crossed the mountains To the riddles of your song Now I fear I’m going blind Where do I belong? Where do I belong? … Read more

Taking It All Too Hard (5.1 mix) Lyrics By Genesis

Artist/Band Name: Genesis Album Name: Genesis Genre: Rock Lyrics To Taking It All Too Hard (5.1 mix) Oh, no, not this confused again Oh, no not the same mistakes again You’re taking it all to heart You’re taking it all too hard Why can’t you see what’s going on? I know you’d never admit You … Read more

Unchained (KMFDM mix) Lyrics By Great White

Artist/Band Name: Great White Album Name: Genre: Lyrics To Unchained (KMFDM mix) you say i cannot get there from here baby then i don’t care where i’m going here’s to your thin red line i’m stepping over thought you’d never miss me till i got a fat city address non stop talker what a rocker … Read more

Watch Me Die Lyrics By Grave Digger

Artist/Band Name: Grave Digger Album Name: The Clans Will Rise Again Genre: Rock Lyrics To Watch Me Die [** Bonus Track:] The pipes are calling and roses start falling* From town to town and down the mountain side Follow the sight and find the place where I´m lying The winter has come I have to … Read more