Funk Music Is The New Cool!


The form of music is the amalgamation of soul-music, Jazz, and rhythms and blues, de-emphasizing the old melody. A rhythmic and danceable form created by the African-American. It mainly focuses on the strong rhythmic groove with a baseline played by an electric bassist and the drummer for the drum parts of the beats, has a slower tempo as compared to popularized music.


The Funk Music was introduced by the polyrhythms used in New Orleans (US) in the mid-1960s and the evolution of Afro-Cuban rhythms forged this form of music into the world we live in today. The most influencing factor in giving birth to this form is the experimentalist singers of the early age who tricked the melodious notes to introduce a groove into it. The use of electric instruments enhanced the quality of the vocal skills and also attracted the listeners engrossingly. The interesting phenomenal music of the generation was hence ready to be jammed for.

The main attributes of the music form are

  • Central dance beat that is slow, sexy and more syncopated.
  • Indulged sub-textures, complexity and personality.
  • Based on the on-beat and off-beat structure of music.
  • The urge of jamming to the feeling of the music.
  • Electric instruments and guitars to provide the required strong groove.
  • Drums and electric bass for beats.
  • Electric keyboards to enhance the orchestral feel.
  • Vocals used are specifically yells, shouts, hollers, moans, and hummings.
  • The derivatives range from Psychedelic funk to Funk jam with around eight of other kinds in between.