Folk Music Became The Music Of The Common People

The music has the power to influence the minds of the people but when the music attaches its power and command with the common people, a genre is born which is known as folk music. This article will give you the insights of this genre of the music and let you know the history behind it.

What defines the music?

Folk Music can be defined as the music which is played or sung by ordinary people and not by the professional musicians. The people use to learn it by listening to others playing it and then copying them. This tradition was orally transmitted from one person to another. It comes under the popular culture and is part of oral tradition.

The sight of the historical aspects

The term folk finds its existence from the german term volk which means the people. Woody Gutherie is deemed as the first significant contributor to this genre in the 1930s. He focused on the plight of the working class. The music with unknown composers extended beyond the 19th century. The new form of folk music evolved from traditional folk music in the mid-20th century which reached its zenith in the 1960s.

The music was related to national culture and was particularly cultural. They were sung or played to commemorate the historical and personal events such as religious festivals. As the people were usually literate at that time, the songs were transmitted orally and were performed over a long period adhering to the custom.