…In The Spirit Lyrics By Faust

Artist/Band Name: Faust Album Name: Miscellaneous Genre: Rock Lyrics To …In The Spirit Me lack space in the spirit The weekday is five stories high And the deafening different distance Between the brown bread breakdown And you is a delicate delight Crush cost Just imagine your Impossible impressions Merchant mercy message From morning to night … Read more

Wreck It Lyrics By Folly & The Hunter

Artist/Band Name: Folly & The Hunter Album Name: Awake Genre: Lyrics To Wreck It We’re drying out We’re slowing down Our flame has now become sparks I meant it when I said, “I tend to run & restart” I’m lying You’re lying Our words come right from the dark And I meant when I said, … Read more

1st Day Of May Lyrics By Fionn Regan

Artist/Band Name: Fionn Regan Album Name: Genre: Folk Lyrics To 1st Day Of May I hope you’ll stay Don’t turn back and walk away Just listen to what I have to say We can shelter in this story Bedroom and stars First day of may Don’t remember Letters a part In the taxi, You poured … Read more

You’ll Never Find Better Lyrics By Four Letter Lie

Artist/Band Name: Four Letter Lie Album Name: Genre: Lyrics To You’ll Never Find Better You’ll be up late tonight tonight, taking me for granted plasterd and worthless Another silent moment with your breath upon my neck means another night together with the boy you’d hate to wreck Perfecet smiles and perfect hands that fit perfect … Read more

Wave of Mutilation Lyrics By Frank Black

Artist/Band Name: Frank Black Album Name: The Dream Is Over Genre: Lyrics To Wave of Mutilation Cease to resist, I’m giving my goodbye Drive my car into the ocean You think I’m dead, but I sail away On a wave of mutilation Wave of mutilation Wave of mutilation Wave Wave And I’ve kissed mermaids, I … Read more

Wherever You Are Lyrics By Ferry Corsten feat. HALIENE

Artist/Band Name: Ferry Corsten feat. HALIENE Album Name: Blueprint Genre: Lyrics To Wherever You Are I said a prayer for you You didn’t ask me to but your face was locked in my mind I saw you in a dream Screaming out my name and I know that something’s not right Wherever you are Wherever … Read more

You Got The Dirtee Love Lyrics By Florence & Dizzee Rascal

Artist/Band Name: Florence & Dizzee Rascal Album Name: Miscellaneous Genre: Electronic Lyrics To You Got The Dirtee Love Everybody wants to be famous Nobody wants to be nameless, aimless People act shameless, tryna live like entertainers Want a fat crib with the acres So they spend money that they ain’t made yet Got a Benz … Read more

Twin Skeleton’s (Hotel in NYC) Lyrics By Fall Out Boy

Artist/Band Name: Fall Out Boy Album Name: Genre: Lyrics To Twin Skeleton’s (Hotel in NYC) There’s a room in a hotel in New York City That shares our fate and deserves our pity I don’t want to remember it all The promises I made if you just hold on Hold on, hold on, hold on, … Read more

You Are The Universe Lyrics By Freestyle

Artist/Band Name: Freestyle Album Name: Genre: Lyrics To You Are The Universe another day passes by and i’m dreaming of you and though i know it might be just to dream dreams comes true somewhere somehow i found you even though it takes all of my life (all of my life) and when i finally … Read more

Tapirsupper Lyrics By Fewjar

Artist/Band Name: Fewjar Album Name: Genre: Lyrics To Tapirsupper Strange things are happening round here When I’m asleep Crossing the line, loosing gravity, Floating above man taught sanity Hesitating is no more, flood of Comprehension breaking down Eruptions in my inner heart, Turning colours into sound Feel me now I have a real confession to … Read more

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