(Can’t Live Without Your) Love and Affection Lyrics By Nelson

Artist/Band Name: Nelson Album Name: Genre: Lyrics To (Can’t Live Without Your) Love and Affection Here she comes, just like an angel Seems like forever that she’s been on my mind But nothing has changed She thinks I’m a waste of her time There she goes, she don’t know what she’s missing Can’t she see … Read more

You’re Not Alone Lyrics By ATB

Artist/Band Name: ATB Album Name: Genre: Lyrics To You’re Not Alone In a way it’s all A matter of time I will not worry for you You’ll be just fine Take my thoughts with you And when you look behind You will surely see a face that you recognize You’re not alone I’ll wait till … Read more

Wreck It Lyrics By Folly & The Hunter

Artist/Band Name: Folly & The Hunter Album Name: Awake Genre: Lyrics To Wreck It We’re drying out We’re slowing down Our flame has now become sparks I meant it when I said, “I tend to run & restart” I’m lying You’re lying Our words come right from the dark And I meant when I said, … Read more

Wild For The Night – Amended Lyrics By Rampage

Artist/Band Name: Rampage Album Name: Genre: Lyrics To Wild For The Night – Amended It’s Atiya, Richard of Flatbush Speak up The word on the street is the Rampage return Uh Hah, one time, two times, three times (no doubt), four times All my real live soldiers throw your hands up All my real live … Read more

Wherever You Are Lyrics By Ferry Corsten feat. HALIENE

Artist/Band Name: Ferry Corsten feat. HALIENE Album Name: Blueprint Genre: Lyrics To Wherever You Are I said a prayer for you You didn’t ask me to but your face was locked in my mind I saw you in a dream Screaming out my name and I know that something’s not right Wherever you are Wherever … Read more

!AllAboutYou Lyrics By Psy’Aviah

Artist/Band Name: Psy’Aviah Album Name: Eclectric Genre: Electronic Lyrics To !AllAboutYou Is it all going too fast for you? Doesn’t anyone really notice you? Can’t you keep up the pace? Do we need to slow down for you? Well, sometimes you need to take some shit, you know It’s not all about you I don’t … Read more

Voo Doo Lyrics By Cleopatra

Artist/Band Name: Cleopatra Album Name: Steppin’ Out Genre: Electronic Lyrics To Voo Doo Cleopatra Steppin’ Out Voo Doo Ooh? Voo-doo, voo-doo You ask if i do, voo-doo You ask what i’m doing to you Should i let you in Should i tell you then You say, you see And feel me in your dreams I’m … Read more

You Got The Dirtee Love Lyrics By Florence & Dizzee Rascal

Artist/Band Name: Florence & Dizzee Rascal Album Name: Miscellaneous Genre: Electronic Lyrics To You Got The Dirtee Love Everybody wants to be famous Nobody wants to be nameless, aimless People act shameless, tryna live like entertainers Want a fat crib with the acres So they spend money that they ain’t made yet Got a Benz … Read more

Wish You Were Here (radio edit) Lyrics By Rednex

Artist/Band Name: Rednex Album Name: Wish You Were Here Genre: Lyrics To Wish You Were Here (radio edit) Chorus: Wish you were here, me oh my countryman Wish you were here Wish you were here, don’t you know the snow is getting colder and I miss you like hell and I’m feeling blue Chorus I’ve … Read more

19 (Disconet remix) Lyrics By Paul Hardcastle

Artist/Band Name: Paul Hardcastle Album Name: Genre: Lyrics To 19 (Disconet remix) In 1965, Vietnam seemed like Just another foreign war But it wasn’t, it was Different in many ways As so were those Who did the fighting In World War II The average age of the Combat soldier was twenty-six In Vietnam, he was … Read more