You Make Me Sick Lyrics By Egypt Central

Artist/Band Name: Egypt Central Album Name: Genre: Lyrics To You Make Me Sick I used to think that this was perfect And wish that it was never ending But those days are gone forever It’s something I’m not missing There’s a force there’s a voice, in my head Telling me to think About the times … Read more

Warheads Lyrics By Extreme

Artist/Band Name: Extreme Album Name: Genre: Lyrics To Warheads Hey Kid, wanna have some fun? Choose a side and here’s your gun Brought up knowing right from wrong, squash the meek, inherit the strong Just try and cross the line, Don’t even bother to waste my time What’s that look in your eyes? It’s time … Read more

Uncertain Lyrics By Eli Young Band

Artist/Band Name: Eli Young Band Album Name: Genre: Lyrics To Uncertain An old guitar he learned to play He’d never make something of it all his friend’s would say But he played anyway Growing up he was countin’ down The day he left his hometown He was moving to music city He was so uncertain … Read more

Wicket Lyrics By Esham

Artist/Band Name: Esham Album Name: Genre: Hip Hop/Rap Lyrics To Wicket (Intro-Jules’ cold blooded bible passage) (Chorus) Wicket! Shit I spit at everybody (Wicket! Wicket! Wicket!) I bloody bodies, shoot up parties (Wicket! Wicket! Wicket!) The world is burnin; hell on earth (Wicket! Wicket! Wicket!) It started since my date of birth (Wicket! Wicket! Wicket!) … Read more

…Of Fire, Wind & Wisdom Lyrics By Eluveitie

Artist/Band Name: Eluveitie Album Name: Miscellaneous Genre: Rock Lyrics To …Of Fire, Wind & Wisdom The endless knot, the holy grove The threshold, the place beyond I enter, like a newborn child Embracing the eternal Like a consuming fire The knowledge grows When it’s cleft Though still patch worked Yet flooding The creating touch Washing … Read more

Walk In Love Lyrics By Elevation Worship

Artist/Band Name: Elevation Worship Album Name: We Are Alive Genre: Lyrics To Walk In Love Light broke through It was you It began to rise inside of me As you breathed in peace Hallelujah We were bought, we were bought with love So we walk, so we walk in love You’re calling us out of … Read more

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The Thunder Lyrics By Evergreen Terrace

Artist/Band Name: Evergreen Terrace Album Name: Genre: Lyrics To The Thunder Staring back. You’re disposition will be the end of you laying out this one condition. You’re going nowhere. Break your teeth and pour out the lies. They keep on coming. I don’t know why you’ll never get it. ‘Til you’re alone on an island … Read more

This Offer Is Unrepeatable Lyrics By Elvis Costello

Artist/Band Name: Elvis Costello Album Name: Miscellaneous Genre: Rock Lyrics To This Offer Is Unrepeatable Don’t send any money, my fate has no price Ignore at your peril, this splendid advice An invaluable link in an infinite chain An offer like this will just not come again You wish you had women to charm and … Read more