Yo Naci Para Amarte Lyrics By Alejandro Fernández

Artist/Band Name: Alejandro Fernández Album Name: Miscellaneous Genre: Dance Lyrics To Yo Naci Para Amarte Engáñame, olvídame Que le importa al corazón Si mi Amor está firmado Para ti sin condición Castígame y miénteme Te confieso, me da igual Hace tiempo ha decidido Mi corazón a quien Amar No importan tus amores No importa tu … Read more

You Are The Universe Lyrics By Freestyle

Artist/Band Name: Freestyle Album Name: Genre: Lyrics To You Are The Universe another day passes by and i’m dreaming of you and though i know it might be just to dream dreams comes true somewhere somehow i found you even though it takes all of my life (all of my life) and when i finally … Read more

Vanishing Cream Lyrics By Hunger

Artist/Band Name: Hunger Album Name: Genre: Dance Lyrics To Vanishing Cream Hunger Devil Thumbs A Ride Vanishing Cream Who fills the sky Who answers when I cry I feel alone, I feel abused I feel there’s nothing I can do It’s getting late There’s no one home No messages on the telephone I feel so … Read more

Runaway (original) Lyrics By IIO

Artist/Band Name: IIO Album Name: Runaway Genre: Lyrics To Runaway (original) Can we go away and never turn around again? On an escapade and always keep the vision Can we open out and spread ourselves around the sand? Captivate the sun, keep the light till the world ends Runaway, runaway Runaway, runaway Take away the … Read more

Party Your Body Lyrics By B Stevie

Artist/Band Name: B Stevie Album Name: Miscellaneous Genre: Dance Lyrics To Party Your Body B Stevie Miscellaneous Party Your Body Oh pretty baby Come and have a dance with me And in a while your body will surely see I have a while in case you want more and more So pretty lady head on … Read more

Love Now Lyrics By Calvin Harris

Artist/Band Name: Calvin Harris Album Name: Motion Genre: Lyrics To Love Now (feat. All About She) It’s on the stereo, Let’s turn it up it’s on the radio, oh It’s up the way that makes you feel no, oh It’s just enough to make us all cry, out It’s like a dance floor, It keeps … Read more

Par Avion Lyrics By FM Belfast

Artist/Band Name: FM Belfast Album Name: Genre: Dance Lyrics To Par Avion We were lying down In front of our house In the summertime In the summertime I wish I had a house In the Caribbean The Caribbean I saw a commercial On my television About the Caribbean And we could go there Par avion … Read more