Country Music – A Well-Loved Musical Genre

Country music, popularly known as country and western classical or hillbilly music is a very popular genre. This musical genre is a lot like the blues, American folk music, and the Appalachian western music. The music grew from the Southern parts of the United States of America in the early 1920s. This musical genre has emerged as the mainstream musical genre in not only America but also in other parts of the world. There are some famous country singers like Blake Shelton and Taylor Swift who are the big names in this music scene. Country music is enjoyed by people from all across the world and has become a massive hit.

The history of country music

The Country Music originated from the folk music that was popular with the working-class Americans or that so-called blue-collar American people. These people blended the popular songs such as the Irish and Celtic fiddle tunes and also hint of traditional English ballads, amazing rock and roll cowboy songs, and the music traditions by the various groups from the European immigrants and the people from South Africa.

Country music generally includes ballads and some kind of dance tunes with simple forms. These also include folk lyrical style the harmonies accompanied by string instruments such as a banjo, electric and acoustic guitar, fiddles and also the melodic harmonicas.

Country music gained massive popularity in the 1940s and was given much preference as western music. This genre went on to become one of the most listened-to genres on the radio stations in American during the evening primetime and also at the morning shows.