Comedy Music An Upbeat


The various forms of humorous melody and dramatic expressions constitute this form of music. The sophisticated Shakespearean comedy and comic theater were the base of such a form of music.

The entertaining aspect of this music is that the audience never goes disappointed after completing a certain play. The important type to the music includes parody, novelty songs, comedy pop, comedy rock, and comedy hip-hop. This consists of vocals and acoustic instruments as the main working body.


The history of this Comedy Music revolves around the musical theaters in Europe that can be further traced back into the early Greece musical dramas, the ancient form of the music is however lost and the real essence is nowhere to be found. Along with the evolution of comedy, the evolution of humor also impacted the music. Starting from the 1850s and still, in the off corners of the world, it is appreciated and played for the classic melodrama lovers. The comic tragedies were then the most appreciated. The operas were the inspired musical comedy that later attracted a lot of audiences into being the most passionate drama viewers of the era.

The main attributes of the music form are:

  • The special effort of the artist to come up with an appealing subject of entertainment.
  • Funny humor to accompany a melodramatic romance.
  • The attention driving background.
  • The social understanding of the expectations.
  • Horror-comedy combinations
  • The classic background that allures the literature lovers.
  • Dialogue and plot formations.
  • Vocal effects to enhance emotions.
  • Instrumentally induced effects of scenes.