The Beauty Of Blues Music

Blues is a very popular music genre. It is a musical form that was first originated in the Deep South, United States of America. This genre gained popularity in the 1870w by the African-Americans and this grew from the roots of African musical traditions. These songs were very similar to the worship and spiritual songs and music. The Blues Music incorporates the spirituals and work songs, humming, shouts, chants, whispers, soft murmurs, and rhymes that are like simple narrative ballads.

From the blues music, there has been a development and birth of other musical genres like jazz, blues and rock and roll. 

History of Blues music

The very first publication of the blues music was called “I Got the Blues”. It was published by a New Orleans musician in 1908. His name was Antonio Maggio. The composition was loved by people and inspired by many other artists and musicians and encouraged them to create their songs in the same genre. The song Crazy Blues by Perry Bradford went on to become a hit. In the upcoming decades, this music became even more popular and mainstream and spread across America.

The blues music style represents freedom and liberation. It translates the things that are in reality very painful, deep and powerful. This music helps to create a feeling of ease. The best blues music helps the artists in releasing the pain, express changes and because of this music and brings these feelings into the light. The blues music is the representation of pain and pleasure, defeat and exhilaration, and sadness and joy.