00000 Million Lyrics By Bon Iver

Artist/Band Name: Bon Iver Album Name: Genre: Lyrics To 00000 Million Produced By April Base Must’ve been forces, that took me on them wild courses Who knows how many poses, that I’ve been in But them the main closest, hark! it gives meaning Mine I cannot really post this, ah feel the signs I worried … Read more

Whipping Boy Lyrics By Ball Park Music

Artist/Band Name: Ball Park Music Album Name: Genre: Lyrics To Whipping Boy A home goal can wreck the day we see you shot dead, The west will sell the piggies down in Salem, And I’ll become your whipping boy We’re shakin’ hands with everyone around here, If I become a target will you miss me? … Read more

When She Comes Lyrics By Bon Jovi

Artist/Band Name: Bon Jovi Album Name: These Days Genre: Rock Lyrics To When She Comes Outside this world keeps turnin’ ’round London Bridge keeps burnin’ down But it’ll be all right, oooh No one hears our silent screams In this land of broken dreams But it’ll be all right, when she comes It’ll be all … Read more

Wide Open Space Lyrics By BLACK LAB

Artist/Band Name: BLACK LAB Album Name: See the Sun Genre: Rock Lyrics To Wide Open Space Sleeping on your doorstep is killing me I was king of the world Now it’s killing me Can you lift me up somehow? Can you show me what I’m feeling now In this wide open space On these wide … Read more

Wishing Well Lyrics By Ben Moody

Artist/Band Name: Ben Moody Album Name: Genre: Rock Lyrics To Wishing Well Sinking and suffocating The walls are crumbling from within me Some thing’s left best unspoken And still this truth has broken me I can’t believe it’s true No one to blame but you Fate less and feeling lonely No tears for this, I’ll … Read more

You Tear Me Up (1996 Remastered Version) Lyrics By Buzzcocks

Artist/Band Name: Buzzcocks Album Name: Another Music in a Different Kitchen Genre: Rock Lyrics To You Tear Me Up (1996 Remastered Version) Well I know it’s the night but have you gotta beat the daylights out of me I’m getting so god-damned bruised I’ll soon be softer than a stoned cherry And when you let … Read more

Where the Sun Never Dies Lyrics By Blindside

Artist/Band Name: Blindside Album Name: About A Burning Fire Genre: Hip Hop/Rap Lyrics To Where the Sun Never Dies I think I saw a place in the distance We’ve always known it was there When I have breathed for the last time I’ll walk out to the end of that pier There is that place … Read more