Christian Frederick Martin from Germany (who later immigrated from Germany to the USA) is the inventor of Acoustic Guitar.

What Are Acoustic Songs? 

Acoustic music and acoustic songs are the music that primarily utilizes the instruments that emit and produce the sounds through the acoustic means. The electronic and electric music systems and instruments are not used in acoustic songs and these songs are based on the acoustic string instruments.

History of acoustic songs

The acoustic music emerged in the 1930s and became a widespread shortly after when the audiences loved the sound of soulful, acoustic strings and vocals combined. By the mid-1960s acoustic music became prominent and people from all over the world loved it. With the spread of commercial folk and pop music and electronic guitars, the popularity of acoustic songs also grew.

The original acoustic sounds were the human voice that produces the sound by funneling air across the vocal cords the acoustic sounds were also created by using the flute. The flute was originated from Central Europe. By 1800, the acoustic string-based instruments resembling the modern-day guitar with a smaller body became one of the most popular instruments.

The popularity of acoustic music

The popularity of rock and roll and acoustic songs brought to the mass production of guitars. There are different types of guitars and a wide variety of styles. People can play guitar and sing at the same time and create an acoustic type feel.

The major reason behind this continuous popularity is because so many artists, solo artists, and bands love to play guitar. Acoustic songs have now become mainstream media. This has now become a kind of cultural phenomenon.