001 Lyrics By Apulanta

Artist/Band Name: Apulanta Album Name: Genre: Rock Lyrics To 001 Mä tiedän suakin väsyttää Mut kirja täytyy silti loppuun värittää Jos tahdot antaa kauneimman Niin annat minun tänään unohtaa Hyvästi, hyvästi nyt jää Mun täytyy mennä Pimeempään, pimeempään tänään Hyvästi, hyvästi nyt jää Sä et voi tulla Hyvästi, hyvästi nyt jää On pakko kulkee yksinään … Read more

You’re Not Alone Lyrics By ATB

Artist/Band Name: ATB Album Name: Genre: Lyrics To You’re Not Alone In a way it’s all A matter of time I will not worry for you You’ll be just fine Take my thoughts with you And when you look behind You will surely see a face that you recognize You’re not alone I’ll wait till … Read more

`Holiday Again Lyrics By Alkaline

Artist/Band Name: Alkaline Album Name: Genre: Lyrics To `Holiday Again A holiday time again Meck mi tell unuh this Holiday time a come yea A party time again Get some trees and proper Get some extacy and get rum (1) In a the party mi did a drink up Whole a mi real dawgs dem … Read more

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Wherever You Are Lyrics By Angeline Quinto

Artist/Band Name: Angeline Quinto Album Name: Genre: Lyrics To Wherever You Are I love to see the ocean’s beauty And the moon that shines above Alone in the sand looking at the stars Wishing someday I would find true love Would it be nice to see the morning With the one you love the most … Read more

Who Does She Think She Is Lyrics By Arthur Adams

Artist/Band Name: Arthur Adams Album Name: Genre: Lyrics To Who Does She Think She Is I work so hard for all the things we got Now she wants to put me outside in the cold She’s wants the house all the property Everytime the phone ring the lawyers calling me She don’t want to give … Read more

1hunnit Lyrics By A Boogie wit da Hoodie

Artist/Band Name: A Boogie wit da Hoodie Album Name: Genre: Lyrics To 1hunnit One hunnet, keep it one hunnit I just hope you don’t switch up on me I love it when you keep it one hunnit Run it up, run it up on em Girl we could run it up on em I just … Read more

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Warrior Blood Lyrics By Artillery

Artist/Band Name: Artillery Album Name: My Blood Genre: Rock Lyrics To Warrior Blood “This is the moment I’ve been waiting for This is all that fills my life this is my dream I’m in this corner with my back to the wall Only me I am alone this is all I want” Marching into oblivion, … Read more

You And Me Lyrics By Andy (Shinhwa) Feat. Rok Hyun, Minwoo (Shinhwa)

Artist/Band Name: Andy (Shinhwa) Feat. Rok Hyun, Minwoo (Shinhwa) Album Name: You And Me Genre: Lyrics To You And Me Nothing is better than you baby achimi balgado here i am Nothing is better than you and me oh oh forever X 2 areumdaun geudaeyeo nan neoman barabwatji nae maeum seolleyeo nega sarojabatji nan dwieseo … Read more

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World Without End Lyrics By Alison Moyet

Artist/Band Name: Alison Moyet Album Name: The Turn Genre: Rock Lyrics To World Without End Perpetual light Eternal rest Grant unto her Her soul be blessed And her faithful heart With all pain, depart Lighter than air Safer in your arms Borne on the breeze Welcome in your arms World without end Be there no … Read more

While We’re Young Lyrics By André Previn

Artist/Band Name: André Previn Album Name: Genre: Lyrics To While We’re Young If I were a boy Even just for a day I’d roll outta bed in the morning And throw on what I wanted and go Drink beer with the guys And chase after girls I’d kick it with who I wanted And I’d … Read more

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