Bury The Hatchet Lyrics By Lagwagon | Video Song

Artist/Band Name: Lagwagon

Album Name: Duh

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Bury The Hatchet

Bury The Hatchet
I can’t recall the hurting words that I once said
So long ago, still indignation clouds your head
And it’s enough to know the pain of losing friends
You perpetuate certain senseless hate
and I can picture you today as you say
“I used to know that guy”
And as you speak they watch your face split into
And when you see me
it’s always hey Joe,
how is it goin’ bro?
where have you been man?
We used to be such good friends
Two-faced you don’t care
You know what you can do with it
I can’t pretend
and you just want a war man
and there you go again
You ought to bury the hatchet
and leave behind all the lies
and your disguise
You know that I just want to
bury the hatchet
How much more will you permit?
Think about it you’ll admit
you a
Am I really that bad?
Sometimes I second guess
Often times I wonder why my head is such a mess
But put yourself in my shoes and picture if you can
All these insecurities create that bitter sad man you
Not me
I forgive, I forget
I won’t say the things that I’ll regret
Not this time
I will stop, but just between you and me
it’s a loss
Don’t give me that shit

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