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Artist/Band Name: Luke Doucet

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Lyrics To Brother

Brother, oh brother
Will I see you again
When I left you on Walnut St. you were a wabted man
Brother, oh brother
where will you lay your head under a velvet Jesus,
just to keep you safe from death
Brother, oh brother
what is the crime you done,
did you consort with the devil via cocaine and a gun
oh brother, oh brother
no shame and no surprise, we all expect the unexpected from the bo who never cries
Brother, oh brother
you watch your fragile back,
the vultures, they are circling
you know the ones in black.
Brother, oh brother
never will they tire
fortunes built on laying the guilt for the heat inside of a fire,
Brother, oh brother
the rumour is a man who looks just like you was seen with a six shot in his hand.
He was drunker than Arbuckle and he was highter than Chang.
Only by the grace of God will I see you again
Brother, oh brother
you are not the killing type, so I will pray for your forgiveness if they string you up tonight
Brother, oh brother
will I see ou again
When I left you at Walnut St. you were a wanted man

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