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Artist/Band Name: J Boog

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Lyrics To Brighter Days

sometimes the sun shines but the sun’s on the other side and all the clouds block out the way
sometimes you want the road to be straight but a lot of times you reach a point where it splits four ways
sometimes its why you plan you don’t wanna try and where you’re at you just want to stay
you wish you would give it another life its yours to live not yours to trade
Hold on…
Doesn’t help to cry but tell me why tears flood your eyes now just
Hold up…
Maybe because what you’re feeling inside is too much to act now
Life is gonna get much shorter
That’s what gonna make you stronger
Trust me it won’t be much longer
Cause we’ll try anything we will conquer
Yeah yeah Aye
Never give up have a little faith and just wait it’s gonna be a brighter day
all the pain and the struggle well it’s not in vain and just wait it’s gonna be a brighter day

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