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Artist/Band Name: Fredo Santana

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Lyrics To Bricks

In the trap house whippin’ bricks
In my closet, there go bricks
In my dresser, there go bricks
On the floor, there go some bricks
Bricks, bricks, damn I love them bricks
Bricks, bricks, damn I love them bricks
Brokes can’t get no money
Goddamn, that makes no sense
I’m rich, I’m gettin’ all this money
Goddamn, I’m off these bricks
Bricks, bricks, damn I love them bricks
Bricks, bricks, damn I love them bricks
Money talk and I be talking to them bosses
Take a trip to the bank, goddamn I love deposits
And I can’t fuck with you if you on that opp shit
When it’s beef, I’m shootin’ at you whenever you are a coward
Trap house whippin’ bricks
Finna pour me up a six
Tell the squad with the shits
Don’t make us do a hit
Rap game trap game, same thang, still slangin’
(?) a nigga rob and I got a lil’ fade
Can’t never let no thot, can’t get no clout on my name
Heard a nigga sneak dissing, guess he wanna be on the front page
You ain’t ’bout no money, then we ain’t on the same page
And I ain’t getting along with yo ass, got rich off cocaine
Twelve years old when I first started hustlin’
Kept it low key, didn’t even tell my mother
I can’t trust her, everybody undercover
Paranoid, switching phones and changing numbers
Fake niggas make me sick
My trap house made me rich
I’m in love with money, never love a bitch
Same game, still the same
Never change, fuck no change
Still sellin’ in my trap, middle finger to the rap game
You know I’m in the kitchen, whippin’ up a whole thang
Only savages in the squad, we don’t fuck with no lames
Smokin’ on that gas pack, you can call it propane
Just got some top from a thot and I ain’t even know her name

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