Breathin Lyrics By Kato feat. Trinidad James, Dizzy Wright & Devin the Dude | Video Song

Artist/Band Name: Kato feat. Trinidad James, Dizzy Wright & Devin the Dude

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Lyrics To Breathin

Will never be another me
Yeah, yeah

My nigga what you stressin’ for
Be happy that you breathin’
My nigga what you stressin’ on
Come and hit this weed
My nigga clear my mind so I’m chaffing’, I’m chaffing’,

I need to clear my mind so I’m chaffing’, I’m chaffing’,
I need to clear my mind, yeah x 2

Got a text on my phone from my home buddy
He said: Watch my back cuz these niggas plottin’ on me
And they keepin’ on the low, my nigga this is just a warin’
Now the real nigga hurry come to judge me
These bitches in the street in the trees
And niggas change dreams with the lean
And when we say ma, we sit and talkin’ pussy
We won’t talk, pop a nigga cuz we can’t get
And we won’t talk, pop a nigga cuz we can’t get
Another problem gets that APS
On the run on the APD and ledge ID
Are we the same APA? UNFORTUNALY I try to ball the best trade cash and not at least
I wanna be a star so fast but you ain’t really

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I got and trace to step bout by the Heaven Lord forgive me
A nigga get the trash my hit, changin’ my lane and one day at the time
Nigga changin’ the day

I ain’t that nigga you wanna luck up on
Don’t know what roams out of the edge
Your ass don’t walk up on
Gone with that, I’m confident with anything I throw on
Have a smoke out conversation with that sow on, double O on
Look and the damn thing change and you got damn right
Cuz this he right, ain’t treat it that jams
Ain’t about that right
And you know it, don’t be chosy, take a sit and watch a movie
One of my pie pies is when nigga try to tell me how I should do it
Nigga watch out
Humbelin’ the nigga right out the vake
And I don’t like to say that I made it
Cuz it’s always somethin’ I’m chasin’

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But I’m that nigga that broke that all, the doors of corporation
Think about that shit before you hate it
Don’t matter cuz I did that, where you rage at
Gotta clear my mind and roll somethin’ out of the seas at
Put down and click that, cuz I drown my freak and free me down
You can have it breathin’, catch me wackin’ wackin’ with a smile

Check it!
Clear my mind, relax my brain
A bear and some wine
A Sacagreen
Why never complain ‘bout things you can’t change
Just mentaine
Stop doin’ the same thing
And stop doin’ the same thing
And watch who you hang with
Cuz who you came with
_________(?) for the same shit
Keep it coolin’, stop stressin’
Stay pray up, count your blessin’

I’m not your daddy, well you don’t have to listen to me
You can stay sane, I’m fine to get some pussy
Cuz this is what the party at
All the negative bullshit, I’mma forgive all of that
You should forgive you too
I’m fine to feel the perusin’, you can hit it full
This passin’ back in the hurry cuz I’m fine to go and berry
Just pick up and beat that pussy, Henry
x 2

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Hey! Ooh! X 6

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