Breakin’ In Another Heart Lyrics By Hank Thompson | Video Song

Artist/Band Name: Hank Thompson

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Lyrics To Breakin’ In Another Heart

You’re breakin’ in another heart
To take the place of mine
The kind of love I gave to you
Is very hard to find

You’re breakin’ in another heart
To try to take my place
But have I left of memory
That time cannot erase

Can you find another one
Who’ll love you like I do?
One who thinks, you’re everything
His world is only you

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Now that you have made the change
I don’t think you will find
The heart that you’re breakin’ in
Will be as true as mine

When you made him love you so
And talkin’ what to be
I wonder when you kiss his lips
Will you think of me?

It’s hard to start my life again
But what else can I do?
You’re breakin’ in another heart
But mine you’ve broken too

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