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Lyrics To Blur

he desolation,
Oh when you can’t find
a reason to hold on
is the only thing I’ve
felt in these last two years.

Too many times
I’ve watched opportunities pass before my eyes,
Too many times I strayed away from the trail.

Where does this road lead?
The road I’ve built with my bare hands,
I need to know if the effort was worth it or not.

No way that I’m alone,
Loneliness is the consequence of our too long silences

Yeah, you were so silent.
What are we really looking to find?

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I always thought I was ready to grow up,
But now that life’s putting me to the test,
I wish I was naive like you,
yeah I wish I was naive like you.

I gave all my life to sacrifice, to love and to my family
And I know for certain, someday I’ll be rewarded.

This is what I live for,
I need to know if it’s all a blur.

Yes, I hope you’re not alone,
Selfishness is the reason why they walked away from you.

So show me more,
Show me something
Cos i believe there’s such a beautiful life.
We ain’t afraid to die,
I made a promise to myself
I ain’t afraid to fight.
I got a promise to keep.

It’s weird like human being has always needed to put
all his faith in something’s already gone, and never coming back.
We are sorrowfully meant to love it forever, and live in the past.

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From today on
And to the end of days,
I’ll use my head,
And not my heart.

From today on
And to the end of days,
I’ll use my heart,
And not my brain.

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