Bloodmotor Lyrics By Arctic Flame | Video Song

Artist/Band Name: Arctic Flame

Album Name: Guardian at the Gate

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Bloodmotor

No fuel injections of batteries
To make this motor hum
Digest the flesh of a passing guest
To make these tire burn

Ahhh ah ahhhhh Speeding in the city
Ahhh ah ahhhhh Screaming fills the city

No diesel fuel or high octane
Can make this engine crank
Just crimson drops of a victim’s blood
Put’s a tiger in its tank

A demonic Y-S rules the streets its search ges on and on
One meal trapped beneath its wheel to keep it running wild
And if it has you in its headlights just don’t be standing still
The Blood Motor will be upon you an ornament on its grill

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You’ll scream as the engine roars and the terror that you’ll taste
Slowly it will hunt you down it’s machine against the human race
Speed demon tearing up the asphalt chalk lines in the street
Tire tracks on a body’s back entrails on the back seat

Shifting into second gear
It’s time to quench the thirst
My fuel gauge points to empty
I can’t shake this curse

Ahhh Creatures in the city
Ahhh Let loose in the city

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Death lane and the devil driver
Time to pump the blood
The elderly in the crosswalk section
Time to fill ‘er up

Killing time
Cross than line
And you are mine
It’s killing time

Wrong way down a one way street
Sending bodies into flight
Bumpers kissing knee caps
Now it’s time to say good night

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