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Artist/Band Name: Regenerator

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Lyrics To Blink (Rave in Black Mix by Razed in Black)


i swim beneath the waters unseen
yet i control shapeless
but with a purpose to conquer everyone

inside of your religion running your government
behind your neighbors eyes
within your mother’s home

i fly upon the airwaves hidden
though i prevail covered by mystery
to rape and burn your soul

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the master of your army
ruler of all the world
coiled around your cities
surrounding every town

blink when your guard is down
blink and your fight is done
blink then you’ve dropped the crown
blink because you’ve lost the sun

i live to bring confusion against the current flow
i choose your king and queen deciding friend and foe

i send you to destruction
scattering seeds you sow
you lose in everything by me the earth is woe

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