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Artist/Band Name: Moosh & Twist

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Lyrics To Black Forest Gummy Worms

He played the horn before he talked
Born on the after beat
He patted his foot before he walked
Yeah, we pop so these sonnies rap for us
And they honnies clap for us
With they stomachs flat for us
DK is on the boards cookin’ up a track for us
Sippin’ on this Arizona and my Gummies Black Forest
YouTube champs, Rex do it, Tanner Kills
Colder than the Sana’a chills
Slicker than banana peels
Up before the world, plus the dimes, so the can it spills
Only getting better every day with a plan that kills
Still in my warm-ups
You ain’t even see the peak
Ocean City in the spring, shut it down for senior week
Eff all of that Louie, I would never rock Prada
I threw away the socks for them Sperry Top-Siders
Apparently I’m next to you and better than the rest of you
Heading to this dough while they be standing in the vestibule
They say my flow nasty, I be like ‘Who my?’
Cause every diss count baby, don’t forget your coupon
Yeah they say the hoes come around when you famous
I need a woman that could, tell me what my name is
See I admit it I get jealous when they can’t look
Cause she be there for me, she let me hold the Macbook
Showed you every song, told me that you love it
Think you in control and I am just a puppet
Stuffin’ from the gate, its the Q to her snappin’
When she don’t seem happy I am Shooter McGavin
So its equal opportunity that lead to bigger playing grounds
And if you’re staying then you mine as well say it now
Understand I’m busy, you already said it
I’m proud of what we doin’
But look at where we headin’
And I won’t even dumb it down, givin’ you the run around
Racin’ for that pig skin, you could put a 100 down
This feelings irreplaceable I don’t know what to say to you
She killin’ me, she thrillin’ me, I’m hopin’ I can make it through
I love you, I love you
I come home every night and I hug you
You the only woman I ever run to
You come through, she always come through
Cause I love you, and I love you
I come home every night and I hug you
You the only woman I ever run to
You come through, she always come through
Yeah, tell me its never ending
But now its time to go
Its plain and simple cause the game is like Guantanamo
Show you how the swimmers sing
Life guard safe like a right guard
Sounds super soft when you right hard
I seem bashful, even though my glass full
Straight to the point, man I got that Steve Nash flow
I said I listen, they’re right to wash the pain away
Front seat trippin, I don’t feel like I’ve been trained a day
Feel like a rookie dawg
Tellin’ me to cook em all
Hit me with the shows, tell Evan to book em all
Hotter than lighter fluid
And yeah we might just do it
Cause now we playin’ like Scotty Pippen and Michael do it
But they were champions
To everybody knockin’ man you can’t come in
Break me down and use me like its samplin’
We be over here, everybody over dere
The beats hop the opposite
My flow is like a polar bear
And yeah she be hatin’ the people I don’t care for
But I need you to pick me up from the airport
Cause when I’m jet lagged, I’m like set back
Girls text me and I won’t probably ever text back
I think its fake love, its never real passion
How is life gonna feel once a deal happens
Nothings guaranteed, but I’m thinkin’ ahead
I’m up before the world, I can sleep when I’m dead
For now I’m livin’ so I rip it apart
And if you knock me down baby I’ll be spillin’ my heart
I mean I love it when she smiles and I love it when she sings
Possibly just a fling but I think its everything
Feelin’ guilty and ashamed wherever my eyes go
All I see is the rain, well I guess it dries slow
Advocation and pain
Fascination with fame
I got a vision that I be decapitating the game

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