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Artist/Band Name: Monika

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Lyrics To Birds

One day it started, early nineteen
They said I’m ready but still I was a kid
Promising wonders, they gave me birth, I took it slow
My family knew it, my friends were there
the mountains guided me not to be unfair
I found a place where I used to go, amazing view
But then my childhood became a past
I was a lady in front of thousand paths
I missed my best friend, I missed that lonely crazy world
With all this music and all this glow
I almost fainted, I was about to stop
But all these rhythms and melodies
were tempting my heart
Where’s the line?, I asked
Where’ s the moon?, you said
The years were passing, in love I fell
I wrote him lyrics, the words I couldn’t tell
The circle ended, complete and pure, my second start
I made mistakes that I can’ t explain
somehow I let my true feelings go away
I looked inside me, so deeply weak, I’d missed myself
And then the birds turned into a new song
Oh, God, I’m falling, I’m falling back in love
Back to my music, back to that younger crazy world
I’ ll never leave you, I’ ll never stop
I can’t betray you, you’re all I need to have
your every signal it makes me strong, it keeps me alive
Where’s the line?, I asked
Where’s the moon?, you said
Where’s the line?
Where’ s the moon?
Where’s the love song I loved in the air?
Where is the love song?, I asked
Where is the moonlight? you said
Where is the sea?
Where is the sea?
Where is the true song I loved?

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