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Lyrics To Bill’s Song II (Crime and Punishment)

oh oh oh ohhhhh
oh oh ohhhhh
the story aint over
the story aint over
open wide are the eyes of a criminal mastermind
bloodshot and filled with dollar signs
as they stare at two mil worth of unmarked bills
and those eyes belong to a certain individual
wanted by the federal bureau of investigation
billys back and hes got cruel intentions
billy the milliionaire
never was one to share
anything that stood in his way
felt the rage of a certified lunatic
hes got another trick
so ladies and gentleman watch billy take his ride to another level
hes just a rebel with a couple of screws loose
here comes the truth
next in line, his partner in crime
cut him out of the picture
put a knife in his spine
and as he stabbed him in the back
quite literally he said this’ll hurt you much more than its gonna hurt me
for every crime theres some kind of punishment
billy could not avoid
the fact that you could lose your mind
looking over your shoulder
frantic and paranoid
cause every man with a three piece suit was another undercover in hot pursuit
billys path has chosen, fear and loathing
cash cant fix what billy’s got broken
and in the meantime those who mean to fight crime
devise their own scheme, call in the swat team
and several agents of the fbi are on hand
to capture Philly’s most wanted
its Billy’s last stand
but he’s prepared for his own dramatic farewell
as the swat team creeps up the starewell
they reach the top, kick down the door
and they’re greeted by a mad man strapped with tnt and c4
billy’s got a look in his eye
like he’s ready to die
ready to die
theres no doubt that billys about to make this place look like the fourth of july
and it goes boom boom boom
every window of the room spits fire through the nightsky
the last words the swat team heard were
“no more mr. nice guyyyyy”
and in the distance one could hear
the sounds of fire engines on their way
cause billy burned down the city block
made every crooked cop want to change their ways
tragedy in the city of brotherly love
enoughs enough
the case is closed the violence ceases
as for billy may he rest in pieces

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