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Artist/Band Name: God Module

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Lyrics To Beyond Fear

I don’t trust myself
There’re so many things you don’t see
I’m mesmerized
I’m starting to believe
The words I hear when I sleep
There tying me to my bed
Amputating my arms & removing my head
Leaving me what’s left beind
To create all the monsters
I’ve made in my mind

Are you afraid? You should be
I can’t explain what’s happening to me
I’ve been to places
That we’re not allowed to go
To learn the words
That we’re not supposed to know
Say them with me

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That someone’s watching always following me
I’m mesmerized
By the horror beyond
[The stars that die in their sleep]
We are the colors out of space
A broken reminder
A shade of disgrace
Some secret hidden sign
Hours beyond
Your concept of time

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