Between You and Me Lyrics By Casey Stratton | Video Song

Artist/Band Name: Casey Stratton

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Lyrics To Between You and Me

When the time comes will I know?
Will I see the distant glow
Of the sunrise, on the day
When everything will change?
I’ll be scared, this I know
But I’ll know where I must go
Take a step toward the goal
Toward making it so
But will it come between you and me?
Will it come between you and me?
I wondered all along
If you’d want me to succeed
Now it’s here, we will see
How happy you’ll be for me
Both of us wanting more
From our sad little tortured lives
If I get what I want
Will you resent what’s mine?
Take me off the flying trapeze
Give me happiness please
Give me time I’ll be just fine
I know how to walk to the line
But will you be able to stand next to me
If I should get more than you?

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