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Artist/Band Name: Jahmiel

Album Name:


Lyrics To Better Tomorrow

I see the shadow
Waan stop mi foot fi mi swallow
Mi want a better tomorrow
But when mi walk them a follow

Boogie, the waan si mi pon mi journey a stall
Still mi no plan fi burn hi at all
Mi name mi no waan no attorney a call
So mi avoid them no waan church funeral

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Whole heap a obstacles mi meet
Devil a try find way fi si mi deep
Under ground but a it mi a go dig
Fi build the foundation weh mi a go live

(Repeat )

How they wanna take my life away
No way them no waan mi si a brighter day
Mi a ask most high fi protect Shawn
When you si mi a close mi eyes a bright
Them a talk up seh mi apply stuff
Babylon run in and start cut
No mi naw go give up pon life
That them waan but

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(Repeat 3X)

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