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Artist/Band Name: Benjamin Clementine

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Lyrics To Better Sorry Than a Safe

Well, if it were about being safe
A less safe place is no safe place at all
We might not survive
Behind every lion awaits a lazy dragon fly

If ever comes the time, when wings turn numb
Then bare bodies must hop on
No matter the out-come

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Oh amour
Carry on, Carry on
Round abouts England
It’s better a sorry than a safe

(just go, leave now)

But if you won’t come with me
I understand, give us a last kiss
I am the sole author of my own fortunes
How much? Don’t know!
But no one should be responsible
For anyones reality, if yours lies here
Well mine is over the fence

Bon Voyage
Don’t know where I am going
Round abouts England
It’s better a sorry than a safe

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It takes the breath away
The choice one makes
Well, we live once don’t we?
Yet we breathe more than once don’t we?
Well must leave then, at once darling!

Bon Voyage!

Billy K. Hicks

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