Some of the New Best Worship Songs

New Best Worship Songs

Across all Religions, the only common word is ‘worship’, their deity in any form through the chanting of various songs or slogans related to the deity. Among various genres of songs, worship is one genre that is bucketed with various religious songs that are been followed across the world. These songs are sung during the festive seasons and also at various functions such as marriages and naming ceremonies. Many of these songs belong to the Christian and Gospel music category. Some of the major or best new worship song listed below:

Praise the Lord

Love theory is a gospel which was composed by Franklin in the year 2019. This song is hosted during various events at church. The Love Theory was ranked first place in the Billboard’s Hot Gospel Songs chart for around 16 weeks. This gospel had its place in the 2020 Grammy Awards under the Christian and Gospel category. As a composer and gospel musician Franklin had composed various songs under the Christian hip hop genre.

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Tribute to the Lords Name

This song, What a Beautiful Name, is in the praise of the Hillsong Worship (Australian Music and worship) and was composed and written by Brooke Fraser. This song was released in the year 2017, which was sung in praise of Jesus Christ. This song achieved various awards such as; Dove Award Song in 2017 and the 2018 Grammy Awards under the Christian and Gospel Category. Brooke Gabrielle Fraser is a singer and songwriter who had composed various songs under the contemporary Christian music genre. She was a member of the Australian Christian Music group since 2005 and composed various songs.

Vast Love from the Lord

The ‘Oceans ’song was released in 2013 and belonged to the Hillsong Worship group in Australia. The song was written by Matt Crocker, Joel Houston, and Salomon Ligthelm under the worship genre. This song was in the first place for around 60 weeks in the Billboard Hot Christian Songs chart. It also received the GMA Dove Awards in 2014 and various other awards such as ‘Song of the Year’ and ‘Worship song of the year’. Joel Houston is a singer and song composer from Australia who is also the leader and director for the Hillsong Church band since 2008.

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Show your love to the Almighty

Good Good Father’ song was composed by Chris Tomlin in the year 2015 and belonged to the Contemporary worship music genre. The song expresses the virtuousness of god on the man over their entire lifetime irrespective of their behavior. The song won the GMA Song of the Year in 2016 and was ranked first under the US Christian Airplay and Songs. It also won the US RIAA Platinum in the year 2018.

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As Servants to the Thee

The song ‘No Longer Slaves’ was composed by the Bethel Music in 2015 for their seventh album. The song won the ‘Worship Song of the Year’ in 2016 under the 47th Annual GMA Dove Awards. Under the Worship genre, the singers were Jonathan David and Melissa Helser.

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