Best Songs Ever Sung by Madona

Best Songs Ever Sung by Madona

Break the Rules

Madonna or (Madonna Louise Ciccone) fans will know her as the Pop Queen since the 1980s for her progressive music-making and songwriting abilities in her famous music videos. The highly talented artist is known for breaking the taboos of the music arena via her teething lyrics and her entrancing performance in her videos.

Papa Don’t Preach is the best Madonna song from the True Album (1986) that talks about the teen pregnancy issue, which was later revised and found in the album The Immaculate Collection. The song features Madonna in an Audrey Hepburn style with short hair, jeans, t-shirt and the catchy Hook line Papa Don’t Preach that made her style instantly widespread among the girls.

The song has stood at prestigious positions on Billboard Hot 100, Hot Dance Club Songs, Adult Contemporary Chart, UK Singles Chart, and Eurochart Hot 100. The songs have a dance rhythm which makes it quite popular disco number for the youth even till today.

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Let go the coyness 

Madonna fans will know her for her ever-evolving sense of fashion, singing, dance, and performance in her music videos since 1980. Artists like Beyoncé, Arianne Grand, and Rihanna have taken inspiration from for and created their smashing music videos.

Madonna’s Into the Groove is a dance-pop number popular among the folks that like to dance as freedom of expression. The song featured in the movie Desperately Seeking Susan (1985), in which Madonna proclaims that she wrote the lyrics while watching a dancer perform on the terrace.

Into the Groove is the best Madonna song which is a lively and playful song to invite the spectator to dance with the singer. Despite having sensual lyrics, one could connect with the artist as the implication and the rhythm of the song are highly infectious and danceable. The song found coveted positions on the Billboard Hot 100, Hot R&B, Hip Hop Songs, Recurrent Airplay Chart, and Hot Dance Singles Sales Chart.

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Just dance to the tune 

Madonna’s widely acclaimed fashion anthem song Vogue is the greatest hit of the ’90s that created a line of Madonna’s devotes of her style. The song has a great hand in reviving the disco music, with sprightly dance beats and catchy tunes to remember. Its music resonates salsa beats and melody that enables a dancer full freedom to enjoy and feel the song.

Madonna dedicates her song to the inner child in us who wants to dance uninterruptedly and escape from the inhibitions of the society. The song form the background music for the popular film Devil Wears Prada, which is about High-Fashion industry rules featuring, Meryl Steep. Vogue has won Hot Dance Club Party, Billboard Hot Hundred, Euro Chart Hot Singles, and Australian ARIA Singles Chart.

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Madonna ‘s song Vogue has brought cognizance to Vogueing, which is a form of a formalized ballroom dance that artists like Rihanna and Beyoncé are following in their performances lately. The song has been effortlessly and stunningly executed by Madonna at Madame X tour, Super Bowl Rebel Heart and Girlie Show.

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