Which are the Best Rock Songs Ever

best Rock Songs

Since the early ‘70s, rock songs are famous and popular across the world. These songs fame across all the genres by various artists. Its root was in the U.S. and U.K since the ‘60s. The major or typical instruments used for these rock songs are the drums and electric guitar. The lyrics under the rock songs stress more on romance and love. They also cover other themes such as social and political.

Don’t Give Up

We Will Rock You is an insanely admired song by zealous fans of all the decades since its inception in 1977 by the Queen band. The highly infectious song is written by Brian May, for the News of the World and Rolling Stone albums of the Queen. It is one of the best rock song ever sung. The song admiration can be witnessed in the way it was repetitively played on the radios during the 1970s.

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The music artists around the world fell in love with this anthem song that they have recomposed it via diverse instruments and tunes. The song has simple words, repetitive chorus with the synchronized beats on the background that makes it easily unforgettable. It became like a warm-up song that was played by the Queen in a quicker version whenever they performed live. We will rock you garnered the fame of song of praise and was played at prestigious occasions like the National Football League, Major League Baseball and National Hockey League in 2008-2009.

It’s the best rock song ever, that topped the US Billboard Hot Hundred, and US Hot Rock Songs charts due to its Hook Line We Will Rock You. Due to the historic legacy of the song the Queen created a making-video of the song in 2017 and devoted to its rock fan lovers. The song has received immense love from its admirers, that it found a coveted position in the Grammy hall of fame.

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Dare to Be Yourself 

The song It’s My Life is the best rock song ever by the Bon Jovi band that is popularly known for its chilled-out attitude on stage while creating the music. The band has an impressive set of musicians who play guitars, drums, bass, and keyboard to produce the raw and hard-hitting tunes and beats that are synonymous with the Bon Jovi kind of music.

The band owes allegiance to the great artists of its genre like The Rolling Stone, The Beatles, Elvis Presley, and Aerosmith. It’s my life is from their album Crush (2000), which was composed by Max Martin, Richie Sambora, and Jon Bon Jovi. The song is about a middle-class couple and later has few lines are dedicated to Frank Sinatra. The song features a boy in this album who is caught watching the Bon Jovi performance on his system by his mother.

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Later he runs on the streets and ends up in Bon Jovi’s performance after facing a lot of hurdles. The song has won the Video of the year from the VH1 My Music Awards, and finally the supreme song of the year by the ASCAP Pop Music Awards

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