Some of the Best New year Songs

Best New year Songs

Praising the New Year

The song The New Year’s Anthem or Auld Lang Syne has been sung by Mariah Carey and released in the year December 2010. It is also considered as the best new year song. The song has been rewritten, Johhny Severin and Randy Jackson. This New Year song is the last song of her album Merry Christmas II You recorded at the Westlake Recording Studios.

The song is popular because its music along with the beats offers the audience to dance and sing along with it. The video is captivating as the singer Mariah Carey sings amidst the beautiful fireworks that are exploding in the sky. The song has won prominent accolades like the South Korea International Digital Singles, and the US Holiday Digital Songs. 

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Simply a New Year

It’s Just Another New Year’s Eve is an old New Year song by Barry Manilow, and features in the album Barry Manilow Live. The song got immense love by the folks, that it was performed at the Dick Clarks New Year Rockin Eve. The song was written and recorded very fast, as remembered by the writer Marty Panzer. It is found on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart.

Happy New Year

The Happy New Year is sung by ABBA band in the year 1980. The Spanish version of this song was made which was called the Felicidad which topped the Argentina charts. Later the song was released in 2008 in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. 

A Silent Wish on the New Year

The song New Year’s Prayer has been composed by Jeff Buckley. The singer communicates to the audience through his song that one need not alter oneself as a part of the New Year’s resolution, but to accept the way we are. 

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New Year’s Blues

New Year’s Resolution by Otis Redding and Carla Thomas is a sought after song for the special occasion that has extremely captivating vocals with a pinch a melody and harmony to make the listener feel the mood.

Always Remain A child

The peppy song Weightless is by the All Time Low Band is about the desire to remain a child at heart and not entering into the adult painful life Among the various songs present in the UK Singles Chart, this song also was privileged to become one among them.

The Song of Pride

Irish band U2 sung the New Year’ Day song as a part of the album War. The song is featured in the 500 Greatest songs Of All Time, The Pitchfork 500. 

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The After Party Song 

The songNew Year’s Day is a perfect party song that talks about the feeling after celebrating New Year by Taylor Swift. The song gives one calmness and a sense of peace with slow and soft lyrics in the background. This song is from her album Reputation which has 14 songs on the list with The New Year’s Day being the last song. 

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