Top 5 Best Music Streaming Service Of The World

music streaming services

Gone are the days of buying the album to listen to music. The internet has opened up unlimited opportunities in the music industry, including streaming services. Various providers allow you to purchase and play thousands of tracks right in the comfort of your home.

The question is which one is the best among the many? Here we present the top 5 options so you can pick the best for your music needs.

1. Spotify

What else will you ask for rather than music streaming services with a vast catalogue?  Spotify presents a wide collection of both new and old songs with an easy to use interface. The app is compatible with most devices and many music-discovery tools. The services can be used for free but with limited features. 

If you want to enjoy the whole package, then there is a small fee charged per month that gives one access to all music and kicks the annoying ads. However, there are no parental controls, and thus, one needs to keep an eye on the children so that they do not watch explicit videos. 

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2. Apple Music

If you love hand-curated live videos and iTunes, then Apple Music is the best option. The apple enthusiast attests to the ease of navigation while being able to search and listen to your favorite artists. Apart from streaming live after signing in, you can download the songs for offline use. 

Your entire music library of up to 100, 000 songs will be uploaded to iCloud for access using iPhone devices. Songs from top pop artists are often showcased through apple music. If you own an iPhone, try this music streaming service at a much affordable cost.

3. Tidal

The music is as good as the sound quality. Tidal brings you over 60 million tracks with the best sound quality ever. You should be ready to invest more, especially for the high-fidelity audience, which is well-packaged. Once subscribed, you can access top albums and singles from charts together with a great choice of old and new songs. 

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Links to artist social platforms are also provided, and you can see their discographies. However, the service does not include lyrics and recommendations based on your views. Check the other options if this is your point of interest.

4. Deezer

Are you worried about what your kids are watching? If this is your concern, then Deezer is the best option. The application has both new and old tracks with the ability to block those with explicit lyrics. Depending on your preference, you get curated music options and personalized playlist. 

You got to be willing to subscribe since the free version only allows six tracks skips per hour. The latest album might not be available as well

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5. Amazon Music Unlimited

If you are looking for a music streaming service that is best for value, then Amazon unlimited is the ideal option. Subscribers get two million tracks at no cost, with $8 per month for an additional 50 million on-demand records. You can download music for offline use with the ability to unlock access to high-fidelity audios by paying extra.  

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