The 5 Best Music Apps for Android To Play Music At No Cost!

Music App For Android
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Many people have incorporated music into their daily life. The many benefits that include muscle relaxation, reduction of anxiety, boosting self-esteem, and releasing emotional feelings makes it more sensible to get several tracks. But making a collection of songs in a single device is almost impossible given the limited storage space.

Getting a music app at no cost, therefore, is an excellent solution. You should install one that not only gives access to a wide variety of song but that enable downloads. Here are the best 10 music apps for android for a great music experience at no cost who streams music and lyrics for you.

1. Deezer

The Deezer app focuses on giving you an excellent audio quality that matches none other. The free version is incorporated with the FLOW feature that helps you discover new artists and personalize your playlist. You can also download the songs for offline use on the Deezer music app. 

With over 53 million songs, you get to tailor the theme background to suit your style. Based on your choice, the app automatically recommends a new song for a non-stop therapeutic experience.

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2. Google play music

Google play music is the most common application among smartphone users and music enthusiast. You get to install it at no cost while being able to access over 35 million songs. You can personalize your playlist of over 50K songs with the ability to search for them fast and easy. 

The songs are categorized systematically based on artist, mood, genres, and decades. You also get the recommendation of new songs based on your preference. If you want to access more features, there is the option of signing in to premium services. Nonetheless, the free membership has a lot to offer. 

3. Spotify 

The greatness of Spotify has been evident over the years. While there is a premium subscription, the free basic package offers more than you can ask. You can access countless songs from various artists around the world.

Besides, it has curated playlist and stations while giving a chance to create your station and playlist. You get to enjoy other features such as Chromecast support, light material design, and tablet version. 

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4. SoundCloud

The fantastic thing about SoundCloud is the ability for any artist to share their songs. The user can, therefore, access not only popular music but any other that is soothing to their soul. The extensive collection comes at no cost, with 125 million tracks with the ability to playback any of the selected music. 

The other features to enjoy are various shows, podcasts, and other online content.  The app also provides music suggestions based on your searches with the option of downloading for offline use. Further, you get to create a personalized playlist with regular updates of new uploads.

5. YouTube

Leading in popularity, YouTube gives you access to almost all the music and videos in the world. Official music videos, local bands, and live shows can also be viewed through this fantastic app. Though the premium version is available, you might not even see the difference with the free app since there is much more it offers. 

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With the ability to make a playlist, you also get recommendations for other songs based on your searches. Think of any music and play it through YouTube anytime anywhere

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