4 Best Montage Songs You Must Listen Once

best Montage Songs
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The link between the movie director and the music director has been popular since the early ’80s across all the movies. The musician and the director are on the same page when they want to make the music intertwined with the cinema. Collaging the sound objects with songs form the montage. It is just not on the songs, but also on the background music and songs that are linked across various scenes. 

As a result, the sound and the vision are knotted together making the film more attractive across all genres. Not only across the movies but the montage songs are also popular in various soundtracks on the mobile tones. They are also widespread across all sports and extra circular activities. 

The entertainment on the sports field by these songs have made the spectators more enthusiastic. In cartoon films, the montage songs act as the background music making them popular. These songs are also popular across various genres, languages, and artists. Let’s know about some of the best montage song.

1. Maniac | Pep Up your Spirits 

The song Maniac was used as a montage song in the Flashdance film in the year 1983. This song was written by Michael Sembello, a composer, guitarist, and singer. He was nominated for the Academy Award and Golden Globe for the Manica song. The soundtrack was recorded as the first place in the US Billboard Hot 100. The Manica soundtrack was also awarded the Grammy Award in the year 1984.

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2. Jai Ho | Come Let’s Dance

Jai Ho from the Slumdog Millionaire film, released in the year 2009 was one of the best montages not only in the Indian film industry but across the international film industry. Composed by A.R.Rahman, this song was awarded the Academy Awards and MTV Movies award in 2009. In Oscars 2020, A.R.Rahman was awarded the Oscars for the Jai Ho montage which became very famous. A.R.Rahman is a singer and music composer for various films across the film industry. He is also included as the world’s most influential people in the Time 100.

3. On The Dark Side | Hiding the Real You

The lyrics of this song On the Dark Side was composed by John Cafferty for the Eddie and the Cruisers film in 1983. John Cafferty is a member of the Beaver Brown Band which was active since 1972. The song was at the seventh place in the US Billboard Hot 100 and stood at 19th place on Canada’s RPM 100 in the year 1984. For 5 weeks the soundtrack was at first place in the Album Rock Tracks. It was also awarded the triple platinum by the RIAA. John Cafferty is a singer and guitarist famous for the rock and heartland genres.

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4. Gold | Have confidence In Yourself

In 1983, as a part of the True album, Gold was one of the Spandau Ballet popular hit songs. Gary Kemp composed the song and was used across various films. Gary Kemp is a singer and guitarist, who is a member of the Spandau Ballet. The song was in second place in the UK Single Chart and was at 29th in the US Billboard Hot 100

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