List of Some of the Best Latin Songs Ever

Best Latin Songs Ever

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Cardi B’s Grammy Award song ’I Like It’ is a Best Latin Song with hard-hitting lyrics, released in 2018 May. Since then the song has broken all the international music charts of the European countries overnight. The song earned her billion views worldwide on YouTube and the most like song on Apple. The reason for its popularity lies in mixing Hip-Hop with the Latin tracks by Cardi B, bad bunny and J Balvin. Cardi B song is sassy, sybaritic, and badass that has earned the title of the Best Female Rapper by the Top Artists.

Her original name is Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar, which she abbreviated to Cardi B as she took the name from a popular rum brand Bacardi. Cardi B is a fashion icon, actress, lyricist, rapper and a highly rated rapper. ’I Like It’ is a critically acclaimed song, because of its overpowering words and the Latin beats that offers a Summer feel-good song. Spotify has declared the song as the first-ever song by a female rapper to achieve a billion views.

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The artist declares that she is vastly enthused by Lady Gaga, Ivy Queen and Madonna’s style of singing, dance, and rapping. Apart from winning esteemed BMI Pop awards, MTV music video awards, the song I Like It also crowned the lists of Billboard, Rolling stone, Los Angeles Times and Apple music. The song was performed live on Coachella Music Festival by the three artists, with captivating live music and dance in 2018.

Just Dance Carefree

Shakira ’Hips Don’t Lie’ is a Best Latin song of 2005 that was played around 9637 times in the history of American radio. She is a popular and internationally acclaimed artist, lyricist, and dancer who made her singing debut when she was only 13. The pop artist is inspired by bands like Nirvana and The Beatles. The choreography of Hips Don’t Lie shows Shakira’s interest in the Middle East style of belly dancing to the Latin beats.

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This groovy and peppy song has won accolades from 2016-2018 and has been declared as one of the greatest songs topping all the international music charts like US Billboard Top 100(2006), UK Singles, US Rhythmic songs(2006) and the Billboard Latin Digital Song(2013-2017). Shakira is one of the few singers who has proclaimed that she loves experimenting with the music of different cultures that is also seen in her widely renowned Hips Don’t Lie.

This song has won her BMI urban award, Hot Latin song of the year, Song of the year, Best choreography, and the best Latin track award. Shakira performed the song live with Jean Wyclef at the inaugural ceremony of the FIFA World Cup in Munich, 49th Grammy Awards, and MTV Music Awards in 2006. For her humanitarian works, Shakira has won honor like the Latin recording Academy person of the Year award. 

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