Top 3 Best Friend Songs That You Can Dedicate To Your Besties Today

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The most precious treasure for anyone in today’s world is their ‘friendship’. It is treasured in such a way that it is remembered throughout our lifetime. As a part of our family, friends are those who are with us during the worst and best time. 

Is it not? Yes, their advice during various times remains as memories that get imprinted in our hearts. Various photos taken with friends from childhood will always have a song attached to it. The songs attached to the clips have a profound meaning that will stick on to us always and cannot be forgotten. There is various best friends song across the world, sung by various artists in different forms and languages. Since centuries old, these songs by the artists praise the importance of friendship. 

1. A Beloved Friend

The song ’You’re My Best Friend‘ is from the British rock band – Queen was penned by John Deacon in 1975. It was first released in the ‘The Night at the Opera’ album in 1976. This song was scripted about his wife, Veronica Tetzlaff, who was also a lifetime friend for him. The song originated when Deacon was at the stage of learning to play the piano. Deacon plays electric piano and electric guitar across various bands. 

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This song became popular and was played across various shows and films. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) awarded the Gold and Platinum award for this song in 2016 across all Hollywood records. This song stands at the seventh place in the UK Singles Chart and on the US Billboard Hot 100, it is at 16th place.

2. Adoration for a Friend

Another famous song ’You’ve Got a Friend’ describes the love of a friend who was scripted by Carole King in the Tapestry album. This song was released in 1971 was under the soft rock genre. This song takes over as the first place on the US Billboard Hot 100 and is at the fourth place in the UK Singles Chart

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The popular female singer and writer have over 25 solo albums. The Tapestry album remained in the first place in the U.S. album chart for more than six years since 1971. She was also the first woman to be honored with the 2013 Library of Congress Gershwin Prize.

3. Friendship Goals

As a part of the Doo-Wops & Hooligans album, ’Count On Me’ song was written by Bruno Mars in 2011. This song was first released on the radio station – radio single in Australia. The song conveys the importance of friendship at various points of time and belongs to the folk genre. Bruno Mars is a singer and songwriter who was born in Hawaii. 

Mars as a singer also plays electric guitar, piano, horn, and drums. This song was played in two worldwide tours; The Doo-Wops & Hooligans Tour during the 2010–2012 and Moonshine Jungle Tour in 2013–2014. The Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) and RIAA awarded 3 platinum and 2 platinum respectively.

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