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Lyrics To Benediction

Brought forth into this filthy world
Despised by the ignorant and damned
The poet, spawned in blasphemy
Into a nest of scorn and sin
“Into the flames cannot toss him back at you,
shall I spew the hate you load on me”
Not understanding the eternal designs
She reserved the pyre for a mother’s crimes.

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Protected by angels unseen
The outcast child is enrapt by the sun
Dances with the wind, converses with the clouds,
And singing, transported, goes the way of the cross

All those whom he would love look upon him with fear
All those whom he would love test on him their inhumanity.

Skyward, to a Throne blaze splendid,
The pious Poet lifts his arms on high:

“Blessed be You, Oh God, who give us pain,
As cure for our impurity and wrong
Space and time, beyond the temporal grave,
Weave me a mystic crown, free from all earthly flaw.”

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