Before I Sleep Lyrics By Marika Hackman | Video Song

Artist/Band Name: Marika Hackman

Album Name: We Slept at Last (Deluxe Edition)


Lyrics To Before I Sleep

Burning a road through my mind around fire
For the light you shed was blinding
A rapid, caught in your glow, I am frozen
And the yielding golden

I foresee this ending in a shower of flame
Don’t drink our only water soon
And I’ll wash my love in hands out through
For I am off the sun and this night is getting old
When dawn breaks on my door

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Standing at the edge of the forest
I’m standing
The silky bell reminds me of the miles I have yet to travel
And the hearts stay sheets, I used to wrap around my waist
Well I hope you’ll find the peace you seek
And wake me up in 5-6 weeks
For we exist that night
And the silence feeble late
And first against the man to say

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