Beaten And Left Behind Lyrics By Landmine Marathon | Video Song

Artist/Band Name: Landmine Marathon

Album Name: Gallows

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Beaten And Left Behind

God will never answer or take a gentle hand
Upon your final eye she rescues only men
His presence may be begged on every broken knee
But god will never save the innocent or free
Cut off the top of their heads
Cut off the bottom of their feet
Spilling the blood of your sisters
Grin as they die from deceit
Right and loving girl
Wear this scum around your neck
To cover sin and sadness as they break their bread
Gluttony pays in silken rags
Greed tempts the chaste eyes
Hearth ashes graze the skin and sleep
Burning the past and letting it die
Your god is dead
Two sisters summon for creature
To lay and wash their soiled beds
Heavy toils it endures
Lashes she procures from man
Eating scum of man
Teeth drag
Scraping faeces and ingesting entrails
Scraping faeces and ingesting entrails
Deserving a time filled with only carnage
Grinning false brides battered corpses
Fit into coffins five hands long
Desperate women sacrifice layers
Of silken skin to wear
Toes plucked like berries releasing crimson juice
Lust for a carving wicked of plenty
Swoop down and pluck out each eye
Claw a cross on to their chests
God left us beaten and blind

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