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Artist/Band Name: Immortal Technique

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Lyrics To Beast of the Beast

This hip-hop verse is somewhat of a change, somewhat of a revolutionary exchange
See, in fact this is going to be directed to all the Uncle Toms of the 20th century, and the 21st century to come
See, cause they think propping up, but we prop up too
Immortal Technique disperse perverse verses
The gospel of fallen angels heading below the Earth’s surface
A sermon written by the CIA for Catholic churches
I make you look back on your life and think that it’s worthless
Murderous curses leave the population nervous
When I burn it’s beyond recognition
This song is a mission; bomb your position
How you gonna read the future, nigga?
When your palms are missing?
I’m stronger than corrupted religion
Stuck in the system of syllables I chopped up over intervals
I’m the sickest most ridiculous nigga
Sicker than sickle cell, sick of my cell
A white man’s prison, a brown and black man’s hell
I flip the topics from universal to microscopic
Burn out your optics and make you listen to me
Like conservative America’s, motherfucking version of history
But now I’m reconnected with the culture you stole
Lyrical symmetry enter two gun shots in your soul
The cops shot Diallo right in-front of his home
don’t got a conscience like
Ariel Sharon
Rappers are clones manufactured by the industry
Dismantled, but now produced independently
The government wants to take away freedom of speech
And it becomes real when niggas don’t prosper or teach

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