Bang Bang Lyrics By Lil Wayne | Video Song

Artist/Band Name: Lil Wayne

Album Name: Dedication 3

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Lyrics To Bang Bang

[Lil Wayne:]
Shooting ’till my motherfuckin’ hand fall off
Your trackstars the gun shot ran yall off
I pop like a soda watch the can fall off
I can kill yall and yall boss
Shooting till my motherfuckin hand fall off
Your trackstars the gun shot ran yall off
I pop like a soda watch the can fall off
I can kill yall and yall boss
Shotguns handguns louder than a band drum
You fuckin with the drum major let me play you the anthem
Bang bang bang bang call it heavy metal
I say bang bang bitch i make you feel every letter
B.A.N.G. B.A.N.G. G.A.N.G.
We spray then leave
We play when we know
We play N.E.
V.E.R. C.P.R.
Doctor Carter are you the disease boy
Young money motherfucka deez theez boyz
Bitches you crazy
Weez retardz
Watch nina, mack and tommy have a brief minaj
Like (gunshots) like (gunshots) yeah
Soulja boy on the beat
But you can call me chef boyardee
Cause I’ma heat this shit
And I’ma eat this shit
Planet earth is my toilet your beneath this shit
Then I flush and whipe my ass
Gun slinger like a pass
I cock back and throw a bomb now hailmary
Your tailfairy fairy-tale very frail
And yeah we got them hammers try and hit every nail
Let ’em sail up the river with that hoe shit
Or leave em face down in the fuckin’ ocean
I ain’t on no other shit bitch I’m on some more shit
That hello how you doing I am at your front door shit
That aww naw he got a gun oh shit ..shit…shit

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[Jae Millz:]
Okay it’s young money what you know bout it
The simuarto will rip open your body and tear the soul out it
And all that fronting shit nigga I don’t know bout it
Call me master J bitch I’m so bout it even my hoe bout it
And don’t doubt it cuz we both will be Angeline and Braden
Spazzin’ and blastin; blastin and rat- a- tattin
And naw I don’t cook em like potatoes I mash em
I don’t give a fuck bout your money or your fashion
Shots through the window where your brand new astin??
You get out tryin’ to run now you just wit them bullets crashin’
Pine box niggas no crutches no cassin
No wheelchair just a two door long black wagon flowers on the side
And four wheels of steal.. I ain’t neva scared and I ain’t neva cared
So fuck what they doing over there.. I’m doin’ it here
You nothing like me fuck boy don’t be outlandish
We gorillas in the mist you just some kung fo pandas
Sweet like fantas my blood is the same as bruce bantis that record on the cameras
Motherfuck all the bullshit and antics and they sayin he aint got it
???to clear for Wayne that’s a disadvantage
Being broke is a foreign language to me like Spanish musically I direct thrillers call me john Landis

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Fuck that nigha in red jacket nigha

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