Back to Africa (Live) Lyrics By Luciano | Video Song

Artist/Band Name: Luciano

Album Name: Live In San Francisco


Lyrics To Back to Africa (Live)

Dark Millenium
Diana Read Peace
Brotherhood Sleep … Back To Treasureland
I am scared to breathe your name
whenever we dissolve to blame:
but one day we will learn to fly
back to treasureland.
Somewhere someone investigates
we appeal to our experience;
this inner worth is inner war
we’re longing for colors
as if we’d starve …
Still in perigee
still in liberty.
Still in reach
still in me.
Oh so red the cage
the seizure
is my guard
and leader
never I have been
in such a warmth
Oh so silent sleeps
the planet
are you near
I need another vision
I can trust
and feed.
We are the dead
dead ringers
we are in search
of our birth.

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