Baba (feat. Micah Stampley) Lyrics By Frank Edwards feat. Micah Stampley | Video Song

Artist/Band Name: Frank Edwards feat. Micah Stampley

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Lyrics To Baba (feat. Micah Stampley)

You are God and God alone
Alade ogo, my Redeemer
The Holy one, blessed trinity
Omemma oo
Even the wind and the sea, they bow to You
Forever You will be
Blessed be Your holy name

Baba eh
Blessed be Your holy name
Baba eh
Blessed be your name
Blessed be your name

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2 – Micah stampley
Even if the sky is falling down
You will still be God and God alone
Even if my body is filled with mouth
Is not enough to give You praise
So with my hands lifted up and my voice singing praise
Oh oh, You alone are God alone
Imara mma eh, you are beautiful
Baba eh, Baba eh

Holy Holy
Sovereign God
My heavenly father
Kings of kings, Righteous One
Imara mma eh, Baba eh
Blessed be, blessed be your name

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