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Artist/Band Name: Arkaik

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Lyrics To Awaken the I

Emerging from the parallels
Of untethered dichotomy

Seeing what has been wrought
In the land of the forsaken
A lechorous Existence

Bathed in living blasphemy
Sitting wide eyed in the dark
Perpetual denial

Now purpose
Reached it’s firm grip
Towards Cyrix

The shadow had awakened
Within a profound knowing
All was not lost, but no one seemed to notice
We were hooked

Through dredges and sold to the slaughter
There was no more denial to drag around
Like a comforting corpse

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The calamity of existence
Pulled at his mind like feral claws

The time is now
The end is nigh
To crash and burn
Or to awaken and fly

Ringing in his ears
The Voice of reason
Chanted it’s trance inducing hymns
Collaboration can lead to a tidal wave
Of freedom

Tear of the shackles of the weak
Knowledge is the key, wisdom is power
Let the mind bloom
Take back what is ours

The machinery of existence
Sparked for new creation

The time is now
The end is nigh
To crash and burn
Or to awaken and fly

Courage and will
Nothing can take
No masters dark bidding
Deserves us as slaves

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Once awakened
You can’t go back to sleep
Apathy only aids in self deception
Freedom pursued is the only chance
A new era aligned

Take flight
Like the feathered serpent
Soaring in the sky

Rooted in the ground
The middle path is laid
The journey profound

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