Apostasies Legions Arise, XUL Lyrics By Nazxul | Video Song

Artist/Band Name: Nazxul

Album Name:

Genre: Rock

Lyrics To Apostasies Legions Arise, XUL

So you came to me for answers Hateful to utter laughing aloud
Here it stands defiled and proud stained of shroud and disembowelled
Out of the shadows where hate dwells kneel
Present your throat Shadows behind us gather
You looked sad, rolled your eyes
little girl Virus chewed host through passages hot burrows in furrows and sorrow
Did I scare you? Didn’t find a shroud that fits you? Love the sound…
…As earth covers you. With no way out what else are you here for?
Cast aside in the whirlwinds of war Fly in Darkness
Expiring Cries pour the venom from my eyes

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