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Artist/Band Name: Anti-Flag

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Lyrics To Anti-Violent

100 years just having fun
until you come [x2]
with your steroid arms
and skinny head
skinny head

you cut your wrists
slash your face
call it performance art [x2]
tryin to be cool
you’re ignorant

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anti-violent [x3]
anti, anti

you start a fight
drink beer all night
and molest the little girls

tell everyone there
that your physco
phys phys physco

well i dont think your physco
your just another show off
go shoot up
just one last time

anti-violent [x3]
anti, anti

we dont need your war [x3]

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anti-violent [x3]
anti, anti
anti-violent [x3]
anti, anti

Billy K. Hicks

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